DVD Titles organization software?

Ok, I have about 200 DVD movies that I own and I am about 70% done backing them up. Soon enough, I will move the originals to a controlled storage place off my premesis to preserve them. You never keep the origionals with the copies. That said, I have a rather large collection of copies that are in several nice briefcases designed for DVD storage. It is easy to see what movies you have when they are in stands with the titles staring back at you as so the problem. It can be overwhelming knowing what I have in my cases. Is there a program available to list and organize my titles so an easy search can be done to the list for specific movies?

Should I just use MS Word?

Suggestions welcome.

I don’t know of any software or program to do that, I guess just MS Word and a lot of typing

Out of all the movie organizer programs i’ve seen this is probably the best: Movie Collector. a friend of mine keeps his movies in cases and you can add in one of the fields which case a movie is in. I’m sorry i can’t remember where exactly he entered this info but you should still look at the software.

I use Movie Collector to catalog my backups and then store them in the case referenced below. The case has sleeves which are numbered 1-512 so as movies are added to Movie Collector I use the index number which is assigned as movies are added by annotating the disc with the index number and storing them in the case placing the disc into the corresponding sleeve.

I have now exceeded the 512 capacity of the case so I started a second collection with Movie Collector and started on my second case. Not a problem since you can open either collection from within Movie Collector to search for the movie you are looking for.

the case: