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How do you put a title on the DVD5 you are backing up too when doing it within DVDFAB Platinum. When I look at Explorer after the burn, the name of the DVD is not there.


Hi Cage
Are you burning from the HDD :confused:

Hi Cage123, I’ve seen that myself on a few different occassions. I believe that whatever is embedded on the dvd by the company, is what we get. I have yet to see within Fab any option or end around to do what you are asking. Hopefully someone else a bit smarter than I will jump in and give an reason as to why not. ~ Mike

Hi Mike the reason I asked if he was burning from the HDD is because I run into that problem and what I have done before was while I have it on my HDD I rename the folder that the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS are in and when I go to burn I don’t select the VIDEO_TS folder instead I just select the folder that I had renamed that contains the VIDO_TS and AUDIO_TS and it works

Actually I am doing it both ways. I’m pretty sure I have the same problem no matter which way I do it. I will try the method you mention later in this post when you answered Mike, and see if that works. I just backed up “The Departed” full disc to my HDD. When I go to backup to DVD5 I will select the main movie only, as I don’t ever keep the other crap. Before I do that however, I will rename it as you suggest and see what happens. Will let you know. I just remember back in the days when I used to use DVD Shrink, it would allow you to write in whatever you wanted to to be seen on the disk when burnt.


I have also used DVD Shrink to do it also, some times I have even recopied to the HDD just to rename the DVD_VOLUME using Shrink time consuming but hey it works

Yeah, I’ve found that left to itself, the “default title” is inconsistent. Like SJ, renaming the folder on the hdd works, but for me, isn’t worth the hassle. Besides the outstanding quality of the bkups and all the really neat features of Fab, I love the
"…Set It and Forget It…" (words of wisdom from ron popeil)
ease of use.
I know this isn’t what you asked and I’m not trying to be a wise-guy here, but for IDing a disc, a sharpie works quite nicely… :bigsmile:

Myself I just copy the disk label and print it with CD & DVD Lablemaker by Memorex and put it on the disk, that way it looks like the orignal plus I copy the outside case lable and print that also and install in the dvd case ( looks nicer ) on my shelves

Don’t mean to criticize cuz if this is working for you that’s great, but stick-on labels generally are not recommended. As you know, discs spin pretty darn fast and any imbalance in the disc will predispose read errors. If the sharpie method doesn’t cut it aesthetically, then the printable discs or lightscribe (if you don’t mind the time, etc.) methods are good alternatives.
Yeah, I do the dvd covers myself…they look good and makes finding a bkup a heck of a lot easier… :iagree:

You’re right Tom they can cause an imbalance if you don’t put them on right and give you problems, I use the little tool thingie they comes with it and it’s almost impossible to get them on wrong, maybe I am lucky but I have done many with no problems, not saying that I won’t have but so far I haven’t :slight_smile: and just hope it stays that way :slight_smile:

Your eyes…with or without the "thingie:…are a helluva lot better than mine my friend… :bow:

Well…thanks to all for the feedback. I took SJ’s advise, it worked fine, so I have what I need.

In addition, I use the printable DVD’s (NOT THE STICK ON ONES) and it works a treat. When combined with Nero and the jacket maker, I have a perfect backup for my shelf as well. A lot of time I know, but hey, they look great on the shelf, only tend to do it for the better movies and the ones I like to watch again. With all the crap these days, that is not many and the sharpie fits the bill for the crap ones.

LOL well I don’t burn the crappy ones

Hey Cage
Glad it worked out for you, take care my friend and don’t be a stranger


At 25 cents a disk, who cares…