DVD Title Text

How do I maintain the text for the DVD on my back up copies. I have a Mega changer that will add the title of a movie automatically if the text is there. Unfortunately when I back them up I loose the text. How can I avoid this or is it possible to add the text at the time of burning? Data entry for 2 or 3 hundred disc’s is a pain in the butt.

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Are we referring to the volume name/label here?

What app do you backup with?

AnyDVd and Clone DVD - the latest updates. Not sure if it’s Volume name, it’s just the name of the movie. the DVD player does not read like a computer, if so none of this would be necessary, but some DVD makers will add the title in a text format to the disc. The Player will read it and store it in the changer.

It’s probably in one of the removal tools but I don’t know which one.