DVD Title Name

Guys forgive me if this has been asked before, and I did do a search. But…

When you backup a movie to say a DVD5 Disk and just want the movie, How do you put the title name onto the DVD. With programs like DVD Shrink or Nero, it allows you to write the name. I cannot find where you can do this with DCD Fab Platnium as I have.

Is there some area I am missing.

Thanks in advance

Common guys, surely you add the title to the DVD when you use it or don’t you bother.


If you save the compressed movie on hard disc as ISO file, you can use imgburn to change disc label


Thanks for that, I do not usually use ISO for burning. I just load the disk into DVDFab, select main movie, then DVD5 option which suits me 95% of the time, and then burn. Problem with this is, as I explained, it does not allow you to enter a title anywhere that I can see., so when you insert disk or check it in the drive there is no name for DVD. I could back it up to the Hard Drive, then import the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS to Nero, then give it a name, but that is using more programs, I woud like to do it all from this one great proggy.

Fentago / Ting, if you have 2 seconds to answer this question it would be appreciated. I suspect it can’t be done, as nobody has offered a way of doing it. So, I’m asking you guys (the developers) is it possible to name a DVD title with DVDFab. I really like this product and it would be a great feature to add, cannot think it would be a difficult one, but then again, I am no programmer.