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Hi all-
I’m here, so you know I’m a newbie. Please don’t torch me if I missed a rule… there are lots of them, and I’m a little intimidated. I am interested in Video Editing and then producing high quality DVDs. I am not a professional, but I want to learn to look like one, if at all possible. One of those things is figuring out how to produce a DVD that will play almost anywhere… not just on a “+” or “-” drive.

I’m running Windows XP pro on my Dell 4600. I have a DVD burner that has the following description:

“_NEC DVD+R ND-1100A”.

I understand this may involve firmware… but I’m a babe in the woods. I’m also spec’ing out DVD authoring software right now… so if there’s a combo answer here, I’m open to it. :bow:


Dump your burner and get a NEC ND3500A and flash to latest Herrie 2.7 firmware to be region free-

Use only Taiyo Yuden media - the absolute best made-

Happy Burnin’


If you have a DVD Writer you only have two options, -R or +R and will be limited…the better choice for higher compatibity is -R.

You want -ROM (Read Only) and not -R/+R (Writable) in that case you need to have your master replicated, you cannot make -ROMs these have to be pressed. Most DVD Replicators want it to be on DLT for single layer, though some replicators will accept it on -R. If you are planning to do dual layer it has to be on DLT.

A DLT drive will run you about $3,000 USD but it’s worth it if you are a distributer and are doing mass replication which is also expensive, 2000 DVD-ROMs may run you $1.50-$2.00 each with silkscreening and all. Click on some of the CDfreaks adds they have some good replicators advertising here.

If you have the money get a DLT drive and work from there, if not you’re stuck with +R and -R disks.

You need a burner that does bitsetting. I dont know if yours does this but the NEC 3500 can do this. Flashed with 2.17 firmware you can burn a DVD+R and it will be recognised in all drives as a DVD-ROM disk instead of a +R. This gives the most compatability. You should check out the NEC forum on this site.

Bitsetting? It has to be +R?

Yes +R discs only

Check out this Article

You learn something new everyday :smiley: Thanks m8, I have the Sony DRU-530A any ida if this can do bitsetting?

Thanks guys… that gives me a good start on understanding this. If you ever have a production that does need to be “pressed”, how do you find the folks that do that? What do they call their business?

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