Dvd terms and files

I am looking for a link to a page that will breakdown and explain the different parts, files, and terms on a dvd eg: IFO, BUP,PUO,VOB. I’ve been making backups for some time and would like to broaden my knowledge as to what makes up a dvd and how they all work togather. I’m also looking for an advanced guide to dvd decryptor, I read somewhere you can use it to remove some of the junk (warning screens etc.) when useing it in conjunction with dvd shrink. Thanks any help will be appreciated.

you’ll probably want to visit doom9. they have a lot of guides ranging from novice to pro and are probably the premiere video backup site.

http://mpucoder.com/ is a good place for information

you can’t strip stuff with DVDDecrypter. You can replace Menu’s and Titles with a black screen with DVDShrink. It still plays for the same amount of time as the original so warnings would show a black screen for 8-10 seconds