DVD surface problem

I have DVD’s (pressed), although they play correctly, they have a large stain on the reading surface.
It looks like a coffee stain. According to sources on the web this is due to DVD-ROT and the
stain means that corrosion has started and the DVD will become unreadable in the future.
But according to the shops were I bought the DVD’s nothing is wrong. About 1/3 of my DVD’s
has such coffee stains, they can’t be all defective. What is going on ? Please some help. If you give me your e-mail adres I can send a picture of the stain

can you post a pic?

jonasredant, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Why don’t you post a picture here in this thread instead? (There is a size limit however).

That’s not rot,I’m sure. I have loads of dvds that like that,
especially Anchor Bay,Mgms (lots), brand new releases.
I don’t think You should worry about it.

I don’t know how to post a picture. When I click insert image a scriptprompt is shown, can’t post picture.

I someone has knowledge of DVD discs give me your e-mail adress by posting it on forum or contact me on jonas10.redant@belgacom.net

You do that by using Full Reply and attach a file. Please do not link to files on your local hard disk!
If you have a newer BenQ, Lite-On, NEC, Pioneer or Samsung drive, you might be able to make Disc Quality scans with Nero CD-DVD Speed. Try it with your pressed DVDs and make screenshots and post them here! :slight_smile:

I gave you a link in my post above that explains how to attach an image to yor post. Here is the relevant portion in the post I linked to:

Attaching your scan

Simply click on the Manage Attachments button that appears below the text entry box and follow the on-screen instructions! :slight_smile:

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How do you store your discs ? IN their respective boxes ? jewel case ? Do you leave them directly exposed to sun light?

Best thing is to wipe the DVD clean and scan an image of it using your scanner for us to see.