Dvd suppliers

Can we have a list of prefered suppliers for blank dvd from the wise, as a newbie I’m finding it a little overwhelming. From what I understand Taiyo Yuden, generally speaking are the discs to have. I’m in the UK so if anyone could post a link and point me in the right direction :bow:


SVP is who most of us in the UK (and some European members!) use.

Lots of TY there, and the customer service is really good. :slight_smile:

Currys.digital on the high street, but only buy the Verbatim discs or the Panasonic -Rs (only these are TY MID) if you can’t shop on-line.

Has anyone used these http://www.dvdshoponline.co.uk/Taiyo-Yuden.html

Like Arachne said svp, very good site. Also digitalpromo.co.uk has some ty discs aswell, they also have the printable version of the plextor media.

Never used that company. Just use SVP instead.

After enough bad experiences with ukdvdr.co.uk I’ve switched to SVP until such times as they balls up, which I hope does not happen. They have good customer support feedback too.