DVD successor nearing commercialization, battle brewing

I just posted the article DVD successor nearing commercialization, battle brewing.

The DVD formats have been heavily discussed the last couple of months. Should we go for DVD+R(W), DVD-R(W) or should we simply go for a drive that can handle both formats? That last option seems to…

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i can’t believe that there’s now going to be another batte, were still in the middle of a standrad battle, i was waiting for 6 months for the standrad to be implemented, but now it looks like i’ll be waiting 12-18 months because of this new format what might be coming out, and not only that but what if the DVD association adopts to this new platform as this would solve the transistion pause you get in dvd films and dvd’s could now only need one cd not 2, i just think it’s a disgrace, becuase while these companies play these silly little games, like having two different kind of dvd standards, and who can invent the next so called best techonology, it’s us consumers what pay the price, and it’s that price what allows them to carry on playing these games, if only the world could do one massive boycot in not buying dvd drives at all that way we as a world could demand them to sort it out, but as long as people are going to continue to bite the bullet and part with there hard earnt cash, these companies are going to continue to have the resources avalible to f*** us all over. if only something could be done on a wider scale to make, no, force them to stop fighting each other and come to some sort of aggrement, so that way we as a whole won’t be ripped of no more!

Man wtf! Another format war. Why can’t these companies all work together and make a format that’s the best of both (or 3, 4, or 5 (there’s too many formats)) worlds. It’s obvious they only care about technological advancement if it’s THEIR technology or profits that’s doing the advancing. :r

CD-ROM will never become popular like today if it have CD-R/W ,CD+R/W and CD-RAM. :r Why don’t they understand it :r

dual formats aren’t new. Remember Flex and X2 for 56k modems.

Personally I’m sick of upgrading shit when these butt monkeys decide they need to top up their wallets. I think they forget the consumer will decide whether they want this crap or not, I remeber not that long ago they said DVD would completly take over CD and wasnt that like 10 years ago?