DVD Stuff

Well, I’m kind of new to this, therefore I have absolute no ideas.

To begin with, I would like to know, if rewriteable DVDs are special, I mean, is DVD like CDs, where you should buy special rewriteable CDs, or, DVD support rw?

To the second matter, well, I have a DVD Player(for my television), I just wanted to know, if DVD Players could play burnt DVDs and no matter what kind(- / +).

Plus, I wanted to know about recommended 4.7 media. And I’m going to buy NEC 2500A, is it that good as most people say?

And for the people who has it - let’s say I buy mistakenly the “old version” with the old firmware, the difference, between January 04 and the older one, is ONLY but ONLY the firmware?

btw, in order to update my firmware, i use floopy to copy the bin file?

Hello to you.
I do not understand the first part of your question about “special rewriteable CDs”.
Rewritable DVD’s are different from ordinary DVD±R discs just as CD-RW discs are different from CD-R discs.

You second question: it depends on your DVD-player. Some players do not like -, some do not like +, some plays everything.
You have to experiment a little to find out. You can try finding your DVD-player on www.dvdrhelp.com and see if + and - are listed there. Just remeber the information on DVDRHelp is not 100% correct in all cases.

The ND2500 is a great writer as everybody says :slight_smile: