DVD Studio Pro and DVD2oneX

This issue might have been addressed somewhere else but I can’t find it.
DVD2oneX seems not to like DVDs made with DVD studio Pro.
That is a real problem for people like me that not only make "back ups’ but real authoring. Also Final cut pro, final product if processed my DVD Studio Pro won’t work either.
I would like to hear some experienced individuals opinions n these matters including the moderator.

Thank You

[li]G4 933 Mhz
[/li][li]Ram 768 MB
[/li][li]HD 240 GB

Could you be a little more specific than ‘seems not to like’?

I’m not sure what your goal is.

If you have a DVD Pro project, couldn’t you just rebuild another disc from that? Or, since the original will also be a DVD5, why not just copy it to the hard drive and burn it from there using your burning software of choice? There won’t be any of the content scrambling found on commercial titles. In fact, copying a DVD that was created by you in the first place should be as easy as it gets!:slight_smile:


Could you be a little more specific than ‘seems not to like’?


every time I try to process the DVDs made with DVD Studio Pro (DSP), I get an error about half way, saying that encrypted data has been found and the encoding stops. I know that encryption can be done with DSP but I don’t check off that option. This issue has happened with every DVD, including the ones initially acquired with Final cut pro.

Well there’s a know issue with padding blocks that some authoring programs add in the streams.

The next service release will hopefully fix this problem
(the 1.1x that is not the later to be released 1.2x)