Dvd structuring with .vobs



A while back, before I knew better, I used dvd shrink to rip gag reel segments from my LEGALLY PURCHASED box set of “Friends” to a folder on the hard drive. I then, for no good reason, other than inexperience, deleted all the .ifos & .bups from the folder, leaving only the .vobs.

Is there any way to “rebuild” the structure so I can burn a dvd-video disc. DVD shrink or Imgburn cannot “reauthor” or “build” a dvd with just the .vobs. (says I need an authoring prog.)

I have Cyberlink’s Power Producer OEM vers. which cannot handle 5.1 audio (the only audio in the .vobs), so when I use it, I get a great menu & video playback, but no sound.

…p.s., long time, no see, every1!


You might be able to combine the .vob files with Vob2Mpg into one mpeg2 file. Import this into a free authoring program like GUIforDVDAuthor or DVDStyler or DVDAuthorGUI to rebuild the dvd.


what about FAVC

Updates for v1.07:
Added support for mpg/vob files


You can create IFOs for them using IFOEdit… using it’s create IFOs function. If you have several sets of VOBs like say, VTS_01_0.vob, VTS_01_1.vob, VTS_02_0.vob, VTS_02_1.vob, etc… You’ll need to do this for each titleset… so create IFOs for VTS_01, VTS_02, etc…you only have to do this using the first vob like VTS_01_0, VTS_02_0, and it’ll make it for all the vobs in each VTS…


Well you might be able to use AviDemux (free) to ‘copy’ the video and change the audio (there are a few choices) to something that Power Producer likes.

When you save your new video add an extension as AviDemux does not.


Seen as you have the originals I personally would just re-rip them from scratch.


I hear you, master Yoda.
BUT, the process was lengthy, involving lotsa cueing & such.
Therefore, re-ripping will be a last resort.
Thnx, Kerry56 & MBK!


Run the VOBs thru DVD Flick aand see if the results suit you. Or try a free app like AVStoDVD which should build your DVD without re-encoding.