Dvd structures? does this look right?

I have just made a backup of FINDING NEMO.
(the reason being my 5 yr old is not kind to any dvds just yet so if she wrecks the copy i will just do another one).

I have burnt cds for years but now dvd-r are completely different for me.

I have yet to make a DVD-R that plays in my standalone dvd player(yes it does read DVD-R discs) I have burnt 3 lovely coasters so far!

  1. I used DVD SHRINK 3.1 to decode the movie to my hard drive.
    (I used re-author mode and only backed up the main movie)

  2. It created 2 folders

  3. I used a program and dragged the 2 folders in that order,
    to the dvd burning software
    and burnt them to a dvd-r disc.

  4. It plays on my computer no worries, but alas it does not play on my standalone player??? I am currently reading the tutorial on “the dvd file structure” and it is slowly sinking in but i was wondering if any of YOU GURUS out there could have a look at some screenshots of my back up dvd to see if it looks right.


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First off your pic looks fine.

Secondly if the movie is playing on your computer then there cant be very much wong with it.

I suspect that it is down to your Standalone DVD player not being able to read the copied disc.

Things to try off the top of my head would be,
DVD+R (If you can write and read it)
Different media.
Try your copy in someone elses Standalone to see if it is the disc or your machine.

make sure u’re burning the dvds using the UDF filesystem.

can you recommend any UDF free burning sortware!!!

I found out my dvd-r media is working fine in all my 3 standalone dvd players, so this rules out media problems!!!and decrypting with dvd shrink onto hard drive is perfect so it is the way i burn it from my HD to dvd-r that is the problem.

A good free burning program is what i need!!!

I did 1:1 copies of unprotected discs and they work perfectly!!!

any ideas please.


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what program did u use to burn the dvd the first time? practically any good mastering program, such as nero, should have a UDF option when burning dvds.

I used NTI recording software!!!(i know , i havent heard of it before either).( It came bundled on my new laptop )

Nero also refuses to recognise my dvd-r drive !!!
All nero offers is a VIRTUAL DRIVE. No good when trying to burn from HD to dvd-r discs.

Can you recommend a free UDF dvd burning program that is good and easy to use???(please not BURNATONCE)

your help is appreciated
thank you


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