DVD streaming from HD to Media Extender

First off I would like to say Hi since this is my first post.

I have a really ambitious goal of converting all of my DVDs to store on a media server and then stream to my XBOX 360. I attempted to convert just one DVD in order to get an idea of my network performance and to test the feasibility of this project.

I was able to decrypt a DVD using DVDHDFab. The problem that I cannot seem to solve is finding a way to convert the .vob files from the DVD to one large format that I can use for streaming. I prefer an uncompressed copy with 5.1 surround sound and with the native resolution of the original DVD. I have tried DVD shrink, Nero 8, Fix VTS, and a couple other programs that did not accomplish the task I need. DVD Shrink kept buffering until my RAM was completely used up. :confused:

My OS is Vista x64 and I have over 360 GB free on an external HD plus some free space on my internal drives, so space is not an issue. I even booted off my other HD in XP to rule out compatibility problem with Vista.

Does anybody know of a program whether free or not that can convert those files? I would be willing to purchase a program that I know would work. My hardware is already on the way and wanted to start this weekend. I am new to ripping software. The reason for this idea is that I have about 200 DVDs and they are taking up way too much room. If I could convert them I would put the DVDs in storage.

Thank you for your time and effort.

[QUOTE=croberts27;1942052]Does anybody know of a program whether free or not that can convert those files?[/QUOTE]Welcome to CDF’s:

What files? If you go Divx/Avi the DVD file be compressed.

Welcome to the forum-Have you tried setting shrink-edit- file output-uncheck-split vobs to 1 GB.

I guess you could make an .iso with ImgBurn. That would be just one file and no compression.

The files I need to convert are the files that DVD Fab extracts from the original DVD; video_TS, *.vob files, .ifo files, etc. I am not particular to any one format (.wmv, *.avi, divx, etc) as long as the sound stays intact and the video is uncompresed.

I found a guide on using DVD Shrink specifically for the purpose I want, however the buffer keeps building and building until an out of memory error . I choose no compression, uncheck the box for the 1GB chunks, etc. I downloaded and used Fix VTS to repair the files before using DVD Shrink which suposedly helped other people out but I keep getting the same thing.

I have only attempted to do the whole disc and not just the main movie. I wanted full DVD functionality such as the front menu and such, but that may not be possible. If streaming just the main movie is the only option my hand will be forced.

I just found out from a friend that you cannot stream video to a 360 unless going through media center. I wanted to have a separate server with Windows Home Server installed and massive amounts of storage space.

I may just go ahead and build a HTPC instead which will alleviate most of the problems I am having. This is what happens when attempting to implement a project before making sure that there are resources available to support everything. Lesson learned.

If you still need to convert to one file i still say use ImgBurn and make an .iso file.