DVD Storage in cd binder? Opinions

Looking for opinions on this. I am looking for a compact way to store my growing dvd collection. Has anyone stored dvds in a cd binder? What was/is your experience with that? I was wondering if it is safe? Have you had any heating/moisture damage? Is there any cd/dvd storage binders that you recommend?

p.s. I am sure some will prefer this question in another forum but none actually address this per se’.


I’ve never had any problems. I don’t keep them in there full time, but for family vacations (we do a lot of RV camping) I take a good helping of my kids DVD’s along in a 32-CD binder. Gets lots of exposure to heat, light, cold, moisture, etc. but granted only for a couple weeks at a time in most cases.

I have had no problems either, I use the ones with the sheets of four on each side, each binder holds up to around 140 dvds, I have one that holds more but going larger will get pretty thick. Best buy has pretty good deals, I have bought all mine there for $19.99

I copied the movie Hurricane with Clone2 and AnyDVD and when I went to play I have the movie but with the director’s comments what happened? I have the latest Ve4r. of AnyDVD and Clone2

jake80: your post has absolutely nothing to do with this thread’s topic.

Bought an inexpensive 360 capacity CD binder, and keeps my movies completely safe.
Just make sure if you have bratty twin 4-year-old stepsons to keep them away from the binder.

The Case Logic 360 album (I’ve filled 3 of them already!) is perfect for a DVD backup collection; it’s easy to use, and way better than individual sleeves. I got mine at Best Buy.

The only unavoidable hassle is that once you have your entire collection alphabetized and in place, leave some extra spaces in the “A”, “B”, etc. sections for add-ins. Even then, once they’re filled up you have to move lots of discs from entire sections to accommodate the new ones. A good solution is to get extra pages (4 slots per side) for when each book is filled. You should be able to get 6 - 8 more per album.

Good luck and happy organizing :smiley: