DVD Storage and Media Streaming Questions



I am new to this technology so please excuse if the questions are pedantic.

  1. To create a DVD storage PC, what is the best format to rip movies to (VOB or ISO, or other)?

  2. Does the ISO format retain all the embedded subtitles, and DOlby surround encoding

  3. What is the best management software for organizing all the DVD movies on the harddrive (I ripped as VOB files, so each movie has numerous VOB files).

  4. What are the best network media streaming devices for streaming the DVD movies around the house?

  1. Doesn’t matter, but ISO cannot be played directly. VOB’s can be played directly.
  2. I guess so. I do know VOB have all the info you have selected with your rip tool.
  3. A standard directory structure perhaps? If you are looking for a quick catalog why not set up a offline website which catalogs it for you?
  4. http://www.videolan.org/vlc/streaming.html or make your own VOD server. Prices can go from 3000 to 3 million dollars.

Assuming you are trying to make your own media stream server for your household i would recommend reading http://wiki.videolan.org/Main_Page


Instead of a PC, you could use one of these:


Stick a 500 GB hard drive in it, rip your DVDs as ISOs using your PC, and transfer them to the HDD via the USB-2 socket (for speed). Then connect it to your LAN and TV and off you go.

It will play almost anything you store on the internal HDD: .avi (XviD or DivX), .iso, .mpg, and connected via the LAN it will also play stuff on your PC HDD.


TYhanks for the responses. What does the UI look like on this device? Will it work with VOB files also (I already ripped most of the collection as VOB…sigh).

Can you organizae cover art to make scanning easier? Also will this device let you organizae the movies by Genre, etc.?