DVD stops reading DVD-R

my dvd writer can read all types of dvd no problem. but i burnt some dvd-r and they have all worked pretty well alot of the time though i had repeatdly eject and reinsert the dvd before it would start working, i did this with one dvd-r and after a few attempts it started reading it but then i decided to install daemon tools which restaed my computer now the dvd player won’t read from that dvd-r or any other dvd-r i use it won’t even read the blank dvd-r’s it reads my game dvd fine. i have got rid of daemon tools but still no luck all it does is spin for ages the cpu flashes and the drive comes up with please insert disk or changes to a cd- drive and says data maybe formatted, i never got this message before installing/uinstalling daemon tools.

any help

Didnt you post exactly that already under a SIMILAR nickname??

hhrmmm i don’t think so, if you know which froum it’s in could you tell me or if you have any solutions would be good.

Check my sig, delete the upper & lower filters, then restart.

thanks for that mate, but it seems quite a dangerous thing to do and i’m not good with computers. why do i need to delete them if the discs worked before.
just asking cause i don’t want mash up my computer.

During startup, they will be re-installed. Its just software.

I deleted the filters like you said but the sort of problem still occurs. what next

NOW! only my pes6 dvd will work in there i recently tried my old pes 5 dvd and it spun in very short bursts and did not recognize it. what’s wrong with it anybody is just bust.