DVD stops PSU shutting down

I Rececently purchased an external Emprex DRD +/- writer, and is connected via a USB port and everything works find.
The problem is that when I close Windows ME the PSU continues running,
I remove the USB plug and tried again and the psu shut down normally.
Has anyone got any ideas?
Thanks Kevin :confused:

Sounds like a software bug to me!

First, update Windows with all the possible updates MS offers (use the online Windows update service).
Secondly, you might want to update all relevant system drivers as well (generally speaking, your chipset and possibly USB drivers). If that still doesn’t resolve your problems, it might be time for updating your BIOS.

Let us know what happens. If you don’t know what to do or where to look, feel free to provide us with some more detailled information on your system so we can guide you in making this thing work.

BTW… one small thing: I’ve had similar problems with Windows ME once (a computer based om the AMD 761 chipset). I never solved that issue, but installing either Windows 98SE or 2000pro did the trick. I guess you’d call that a compatibility issue.