Dvd stops playing

for the past 5 years i have been converting and burning dvds through my computer. I have used 3 different 8mm camcorders over the years, installed 3 different dvd burners and converted about 100 hours. After recording each I would run through it on the dvd player and they would play fine on most occassions. However, after going back to some of them and trying to play, I find they stop part way through, If I take it out and put it back in it sometimes goes past it and plays fine, other times it may stop at the same place. I even tried them in my blue ray which acts the same way but doesn’t stop at the same points. Any answers? Please tell me I don’t have to go back and rerecord all of them

It sounds like the dvds have degraded. If you can rip them to the hard drive successfully, you can burn them again. Since your home made dvds aren’t encrypted you can just copy and paste the Video_TS folders onto the hard drive.

If that process fails, try DVDDecrypter to rip them to the hard drive and set the software read error retries up to 20 or so…see if that helps. (that setting is in Tools–>Settings–>I/O) You can download DVDDecrypter from www.mrbass.org

Use good quality disks, like Verbatim 16x or Taiyo Yuden 8x +R (found at some online sites like rima.com or supermediastore.com). You can find the Verbatim online, but also at local shops like Best Buy.

Burn at moderate speed…say 8x for 16x media. The TY disks I mentioned can be burned at their rated 8x speed.

I will give that a try. I have burned all of them on memorex or verbatim dvds over the years and typically at 1x speed. I thought this would be the best possible solution. I only a record maximum of 1 hour as well. I also ran them all on DVD -R vs +R. Would that have any affect? What would cause the degredation and how would i prevent it for future. They are stored in a sleeve binder and kept in 2 different locations in the house. I did make adhesive labels and put them on the disks. Someone told me that was not a good idea but could that hurt? The labels are still flat and no bubbles under them.

Two problems are obvious in your methods. First, it is not a good policy to burn at very slow speeds with modern media and modern drives. The firmware of the drives simply isn’t optimized for such slow burning speeds and you will get worse results. 8x is a fairly safe bet, though 12x is sometimes better on 16x media. It depends on the burner and the specific disks you are using.

Secondly, we do NOT recommend using labels. This often times causes degradation of the disks. Warping is a common problem. Sometimes you can remove the labels from the disks and get better reading performance from them…but no guarantees on that.

I personally avoid Memorex. They change suppliers so much you cannot be certain exactly what you are buying, and in my opinion, they seem to get mediocre grade disks even on mid codes that aren’t all that bad usually. (mid code=Manufacturer ID Code)

Stick with Verbatim, burn at a moderate speed and you should be ok.

? = burner
Bad = Labels
Bad = Burning at 1X
? = Memorex media

Thanks again. I just tried copying the folder to the hard drive and it stopped after about 5 minutes and said there was a problem. I retried several times but got the same results. I tried skipping but it could not get past it. I will now try the download you suggested if you think that is still an option. As far as getting the labels off…they are stuck firmly and would not peel off completely. Do you recommend the light scribe disks or the printable disks at all?

The burner is a Pioneer DVR-1810

If you want to make fancy labels I’d go with a printer and ink jet printable disks rather than lightscribe. The latter just takes too long and the results have never been impressive to me.

You can try DVDDecrypter, but again, there is no guarantee of getting material off of a degraded disk. If it doesn’t work, the next step would be to try ISOBuster. There is a free version of ISOBuster available for download.

removed labels from dvds and they can now be read into the computer…top side of dvd has lots of glue left. Afraid to try anything to soften it for fear of damaging other side or reflective layer. Thanks for what appears to be the solution. Why does the label cause problems and why do they make them if this is the result

[QUOTE=jthoss;2223180]Why does the label cause problems and why do they make them if this is the result[/QUOTE]

Search this forum for “labels” + “problem”