DVD stops playing halfway




hi :cop:,

i’m having a little problem here. when i put my cloned dvd’s in any of my two dvd-players it stops playing about half way through. this happened with the last five dvd’s i ripped, while the ones before worked :Z . i used the same media as well. when i play them on my pc they work just fine.
any idea’s?


weird smilieman :sad:



what burner and what media are you using?


media is from a brand named “octron”. i had good results with them before, i burned like 30+ of them before, all worked. burner is a standard HP 4x. problem seems more software-related.


I have never heard of Octron so I cant say anything about it but I doubt it is quality media. you may have a bad batch of disks this time try better media and see if you have the same problem.