DVD stops burning 85% in

I have a DVD drive built into my laptop. I use pPower 2 Go express as this was built into the computer. Recently though whenever I’ve tried to burn something onto a DVD the DVD drive starts making a really loud sort of vibrating noise and keeps stopping and trying to carrying on burning but then it fails. It usually gets to around 85% before it comes up as fails then says user aborted (can’t remember the last but). I haven’t stopped anything it just does it itself. Has worked fine for months then suddenly it’s started to do this.

I have very little knowledge of these sort of things so don’t know what could be wrong. At first I thought it maybe needed cleaning but that wouldn’t stop it buring always at about 85%. Also the file isn’t too big so I know it’s nothing to do with that.

Any help and advice would be much appreciated, thank you :slight_smile:

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Based on your description it seems a damaged drive. Laptop drives are known to not be the most reliable hardwares available in the market :frowning:

Just to exclude other possible causes, try to do a burn on a proved quality disc like a Verbatim. Moreover, you can do a test with a different burning software like ImgBurn.

Another test you can do is a “Create disc” test with cd-dvd speed (see here for more details)

Thanks for the reply geno888 :slight_smile:

I can play CD’s in it without it making much of a noise but when I put a cheap DVD-RW into it, it makes the noise.

I think I will try and get a better make of DVD-RW and see if that works before sending it off to be fixed.

Thanks for your help