DVD sticks at Chapter Markers Created By Vision Express 3

Does anyone know why the DVD’s I have created from TV captures using Nero Vision Express 3 to ccreate chapters and menu’s etc and burned using Nero Burning Rom should be sticking at the chapter markers when I’m playing them on my DVD player(s) ?

What version of nve 3 are you using? The change log for said something about fixing a problem with chapter marks being put in the wrong place.

Is the problem present wkhen playing back the DVDs on the PC?

I’m not sure what version of NVE 3 it is - the problem doesn’t happen on my PC’s DVD Player only on my stand alone ones and also not on them all I have 2 cheap ones which are ok but my Philips DVD Recorder doesn’t like the chapter markers nor does my Sony NS 300 the Sony is very choosey about what DVD’s it likes to play; scratched rental DVD’s are a no go on it.

I’ll see if there is an update for NVE3 and see if that helps…


Click on the button with the question mark on it in the lower left corner of the window and pick About to see the program’s version number.

The problem seems to be with your standalones, not Nero; though an update might help still. I had this problem once as well with a Pioneer DVD-ROM flashed with an RPC-2 firmware. As soon as I flashed it back with the official firmware, the problem was solved.