Dvd starts skipping about an hour into movie

Hi and thanks for reading. Sorry if this is redundant and I have searched but just not found close enough details to what I need. I have converted an .avi file to dvd using DVD Flick. The .avi plays perfectly all the way through on the pc so I know the download is OK. From there I used imgburn to add the video_ts folder and burn to dvd. The dvd plays great on home player for about an hour or so and then skips for about 30 minutes but plays ok near the end again. I’ve burned 2 copies and both dvds have the same problem. Since this is my first attempt I don’t have any other history to go by. Here are the rest of the specifics:

dvd drive: TSSTcorp CD/DVDW SH-w162c

imgburn settings: write speed set to auto

File System = ISO9660 + UDF
UDF Revision 1.02
I am using the Sony dv-r (4.7gb) for media (it’s the only choice they had at Wally World the other night)

Pretty much I think I’ve left everything alone and gone with recomendations from here (which totally rock by the way - you all ARE the best).

On another animated movie for the kids 3 times now the burn has blown with error messages.

Soooo, my real question is do you all think this is the Sony media vs. Verbatim? I have no problem trying the other brand provided I can find them but beyond that I’m kind of wondering if it would be better to just suck it up and purchase a new dvd player (old one is Zenith ZNA-311) that has the windows media pack AND plug in for flash drive. I’m also wondering if burning at super slow speed (maybe 4x or 6x) would help. I’m hoping it’s not the dvd drive here. Any opinions, help, other ideas, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Most of times this is due to a bad burned disc, and most of times the cause of the bad burn is the media (a low quality disc) or the wrong burning speed.

Before to spend money on a new standalone, I suggest to get better discs (like Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden) but Sony discs should be anyway sufficiently decent to allow an acceptable result. Try to set a lower speed (12x for example, or 8x for that disc should be the best options) in ImgBurn instead of “Automatic”

This should solve :slight_smile:

OK Thank you. I’m thinking maybe the same thing. I’ll try and get out later to Best Buy or somewhere with a little higher quality than Wal-mart.

But . . . just loading onto a flash, plug & play sounds pretty sweet to me right now too. :-).

Thank you again for your advice. I’ll slow down the burn speed on this next go.

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Sony DVD-R is pretty good stuff IMO (though I like the +R better). Although Verbatim DVD+R is my favourite :slight_smile:

Rather than set the burn speed to Auto, I’d suggest 8x (as Geno suggested also) - that works well for me on a range of drives, with a range of media.

Thanks so much guys. As a brand newbie I appreciate all the help I can get. I’m trying another conversion now but I think the ati file is junk. At any rate, I’ll try and burn again when done and let you know how it turns out!

You may be able to salvage the movies from the discs that don’t play properly. First ensure you can playback the entire movie on your PC. If you can, then simply use your burning app to create an image of the DVD. Then simply burn that image…hiopefully onto a quality media. Verbatim and Taio Yuden are the media of choice. Many other brands will work too, but it is a matter of trial and error to find which other brands will work in your player(s).

OK you all are the best! Changed the speed from auto to 8x and it seems to have worked like a charm on the Sony’s. I prefer Verbatim too but they did not have any when I was out the other night. Sooooo, next time I’m out . . . . . I’ll try some +Rs also but bought the -Rs this time just because I read somewhere that they are compatible with more players but now that I’ve got it down I’ll play around with them.

Thanks again. Really!

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Best Buy currently has the Verbatim 50 piece cakes for $10 in 16x - both the -R and +R flavors thru Saturday 29 November (suggest burning both at 8x speed for best results)-eh!!

Holy Smokes BigMike! That’s way cheaper than what I just bought the Sony’s for at Wally World. They were like $12 for 30 -Rs. I’m on it . . . . . right after I finish this next burn :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip -