DVD Split Size restriction



Dear All,

I’m getting an annoying restriction with DVDFab Gold.

Here’s the problem. I have a 6.4 gig movie file that I want to split in two, but not evenly… I want to keep 4.5-4.6 gig of the first half, and leave only 1.9-1.8 gig for the second half, to add to another disc with other video. However, the program seems to limit the extent of where I can make the split: of chapters 1-42, the slider will only let me make a split as low as chapter 9 or as high as chapter 31… I need to put the split in about chapter 34, and it won’t let me edit the chapter number manually.

Is there a registry setting that can be changed to overcome this limitation? Or is this something the coders would have to fix in an update or something?




As the capacity of a DVD-R is 4.37 GB, you can not keep 4.5 GB on one disk. I guess the first 31 chapter is the nearest to the limit from under.


Perhaps, but many DVD-Rs, particularly the TY discs, overburn quite well. Besides, the cut-off for the last chapter size is 4.1 gig… I’m sure the next chapter would keep it within limits of 4.3 gig. I just want to know if that program will allow me to change that.


You will probably need a program like DVD Remake Pro or DVD Rebuilder to split that way.