DVD Split owners get a Christmas present: DVDxCopy for free!

I just posted the article DVD Split owners get a Christmas present: DVDxCopy for free!.

Yesterday we reported that the DVDxCopy team had been expanded with ‘Derrow’, author of several freeware DVD applications such as IFOEdit, DVD Split and VOBEdit.

It seems the author has…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4975-DVD-Split-owners-get-a-Christmas-present-DVDxCopy-for-free.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4975-DVD-Split-owners-get-a-Christmas-present-DVDxCopy-for-free.html)

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I think you forgot to mention the source here G@M3FR3@K, it was posted on CDRZone, so I think they deserve the credit…

Yours came from CDRZone, mikron’s submit was from himself. I will add your source as well if it makes you happy?

I don’t mind, just thought I’d let you know… :wink:

No problem. I’ve added your source to the newspost!

Thank god it doesn’t mean Derrow will discontinue VOBEdit / IFOEdit… :slight_smile:

I cannot read the webpage about “What Will AOL And MSN Tell Uncle Sam?” I have tried clearing my cache and refreshing. No go. Look here for screengrab http://www.oddball.nildram.co.uk/screwup.jpg I’ve noticed this a couple of times on cdfreaks news pages.

dvdyke we’re working on it… the PHP-codes sometimes screw up when they’re misspelled :wink: