DVD Split Disks on CloneDVD2


I have recently been making DVD copies on Nero 7 Premium via Nero DVD Recode onto DVD dual layer 8.5 GB disks. This has worked successfully and the burnt DVDs have been playing successfully on both my PC and Panasonic DVD player/recorder (DMR-E50).

However currently only 8.5 GB dual layer disks are write only and not RW, a lot of what I copy is for temporary purposes only, i.e tv recorded on my pc for playback on my dvd player. For those recording that are in excess of the standard 4.7 GB I have to use the 8.5GB write once only disks which is a waste. The obvious solution is to split these recordings over two 4.7 GB rw or DVD RAM disks. I discovered that nero does not support this but DVDClone 2 (version does. I have downloaded the latest version of DVDClone2 and used the split DVD function on both 4.7 GB RW DVDs and 4.7 GB DVD RAM disks (which my DVD player/recorder supports) howevever whilst these split DVD recordings play back on my PC my DVD won’t play either of them, stating “Unformat” or “DVD unrecognised”. Is there an option in DVDClone2 that I need to change or maybe another DVD splitting tool that might work. Without a solution I am forced to use Nero Recode without being able to split the recordings.

I am aware of the functionality within Nero to reduce the quality of recordings to fit onto a 4.7 GB disk but I do not want to do this for obvious quality reasons.

Hope someone can advise.