DVD Spinning?

I am ready to pull all my hair out - please help and be easy on me. I would say I am fairly computer literate, I can keep my computer virus free (or get rid of them if need), I can keep it spyware free and running smoothly. But currently I am having a problem with the DVD burner. It will eject the original cd and it will still be spinning 900 mph. Then I put a blank in there and it doesn’t “see” it. Will someone be kind enough to help me figure this out?

only time i have had that happen is when a long hair was caught in the tray.

A burner should never eject a disc without first stopping it. If it’s doing that, then the drive has become defective. Check to see if there’s anything physically obvious that might be causing the problem as suggested by the post above (but don’t void your warranty by opening the drive casing). If you can’t see anything wrong, then contact tech support and get the drive replaced.