DVD Spinning out of control question

Hello All, my first post here!

I don’t think I’m having any problem with DVD Fab, but it is the program I’m using on my new laptop, so I thought it would be better to ask this question here in case it’s a known issue with DVD Fab.

I have a copy of the DVD movie Sunshine that when I put it into my laptop’s DVD burner it seems to spin up out of control and I loose all functions of the DVD burner and then I have to do a hard shut down of the system to get the disk out of the drive. I had a similar problem with another disk several days ago but DVD Fab was eventually able to read it though I still had to hard crash the system afterward to remove the disk out of the drive. Both disks play fine in set top players. Is there any known cure for this? I wonder if this is some new copyguard thing I’m unaware of? I’ve tried many other disks that work fine in both DVD Fab and the player software. My guess would be this is some deliberate add on to the disk so it won’t work in computer based players or something in Vista. Any help or direction to a fix would be appreciated.

The system is a Toshiba dual core 1.6 with 2GB of ram running Vista Premium Home.