Dvd speed

Ok i think i know what dvd speed is all about but i just thought that i would make sure…

Does Dvd speed just mean compatability between drives and disks, or does it mean that the slower speed you burn it at the quieter it is in the drive?

thanks in advance

I hope to understand correctly your question.

The slower speed you burn, the slower spin the disc, so quieter is the drive.

DVD speed as in the speed rating on the media?

ok so if you burn at 2x it will take an hour but will be much quieter than if you burn at 16x ?

yes, but if you burn @2x a 16x disc you’ll obtain a coaster.

ah ok… most of the disks i have are multi speed anyway

Don’t trust to it: 16x media should be burned @12x or @8x, never below this

What do you want to do exactly?

Actually half an hour but yes the burn will be quieter since the RPMs will be slower. I wouldnt do that on 16x media, as geno suggested - not sure if it always result in a coaster or a bad quality burn though. Trying at 4x is safer i guess, if the noise is that important for you.

just generally burning dvd disks… i got a tuffdisk from my local comp shop today and it says 2x on the front, i just wanted to be clear on the cd speeds, incase burning it at a higher speed decreaced the quality or something

I did a little test here (sorry in italian language, but scans are readable): burning a 16x media @4x gave me bad results.

The burnings are in this order: 4x, 8x, 12x, and 16x

The best option is to burn these discs @2x. Overspeed give good results only with high quality media. I obtain very good results burning 8x certified taiyo @12x.

But you can do a test to see if these media are good enough to be burned @4x (15 min are better tahn 30 min for each burn :iagree: )

ok well the tuffdisk is dvd-rw so ill play around with it thanks for the info

no no no!
Rewritable media can’t be overspeeded. For what I know, no burner is able to overspeed a rewritable, and anyway the disc will become a coaster.

ok… well the disk says that it is multispeed and has 2x underneath it… but doesnt say a maximum burn speed

Maybe the other speed is 1x :eek:

Seriously, I don’t know. What mediacode they have? Your burner should be able to say you what speed can be burned. You can use DVD Identifier to find this information

ok i downloaded it… but it still wont tell me about disk speed

Unique Disc Identifier : [DVD-RW:TDK502sakuM3]

Disc & Book Type : [DVD-RW] - [DVD-RW]
Manufacturer Name : [TDK Corp.]
Manufacturer ID : [TDK502sakuM3]
Blank Disc Capacity : [2,298,496 Sectors = 4.71 GB (4.38 GiB)]

[ DVD Identifier V4.3.0 - http://DVD.Identifier.CDfreaks.com ]

i think i might just leave this and leave it to my computer to choose the drive speed… otherwise i think i might end up with alot of coasters

Is it all the informations you obtain? Try to use cd-dvd speed

i just went on my nero and i think that the speed is acually a maximum of 2x

then the only speed for these discs is 2x (1x is a pain :eek: )

burning a 16x media @4x gave me bad results.

“geno888” Great post on burning 16X media too slow.! :clap: :clap: :bow: