DVD_Speed doesn't work with LG burner

Checking the quality of a burned DVD is important to me…

However, the NERO utility, DVD_Speed doesn’t work with my newly purchased DVD burner drives LG Model # GSA H55L & Model # GSA H55N:

When a DVD is inserted in either drive, and the “Disk Info” tab is clicked, the disk information is displayed. The “Benchmark”, and “ScanDisk” tabs also seem to work properly.

However, when the “DiskQuality” tab is clicked, the “Start” button is greyed out. The Disk Info fields are populated (Type, ID, Date, and Label). Also, the Start and End info is shown, so I know the disk is being read).

This is true for both commercially produced DVDs and those I’ve burned myself.

CD-DVD_Speed Version 4.7.5 came on the installation disk supplied with the DVD burner. In addition, I’ve downloaded Version 4.60 and Version The problem is the same with all three versions.

Since the software is supplied with the burner, I assumed that they would play nice together. Maybe that was a bad assume. Or am I messing up somehow? (more than possible)

Perhaps I should return these drives and get some that will play nice with the test program. Or maybe there’s another test program that’ll work better.

Apologies for the length of this post, but I’m trying to answer as many questions as I can, up-front.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



You won’t get a Disc Quality scan done with any LG, doesn’t matter how many different versions you try. It will do the others, but not DQ.

Apparently it’s possible to perform a Disc Quality scan on an LG GSA-H55N by changing a registry setting that “blocks” some drives. Look [U]here[/U] and [U]here[/U] to see examples.

The registry setting that needs to be changed is:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ahead\Nero Toolkit\CD Speed\CD Quality]

where the value of “Blocked” should be changed to a non-empty string that doesn’t contain the value HL-DT-ST, e.g.:


I have no idea if the LG GSA-H55N/L is a useful scanner, since there are almost no scans posted using this drive and since I don’t have it myself. I wouldn’t rely too much on scans performed by these drives until we know more about how they perform compared to other more well-known scanning drives.

I stand before you humbled & corrected. :o Does anybody know the path with Nero8, I might be able to check this out on another machine.

Found it. 45 minutes plus to do the Disc Quality Scan, when I had it set for 8X, it never even came close. Anyway here are the pics. This was burned with SH-S203B SB01-2 FB FR @8X.

[B]Thanks [I]Dragemester [/I]and [I]BeefBarley [/I]for your thoughts. [/B]

I tried editing "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ahead\Nero Toolkit\CD Speed\CD Quality]
“Blocked”=“SAMSUNG,TSST,HL-DT-ST,PLEXTOR”. I edited the value to “SAMSUNG”, as you suggested. AND IT WORKED! The secret seemed to be not leaving the field as an empty string. I left it with a “SAMSUNG”.

Well, it kinda worked.
Where there used to be a window showing the spin-up time (counting down to zero before the actual test started), now, the test just starts right off. And the speed, as given in the progress block, starts out at a blazing [B]0.13X[/B]. Yep. Less than one. (I noticed in the scan you did, [I]BeefBarley[/I], that the maximum speed you reached was 1.17X.)

Just for jollies, I stuck in an older TSST drive and tried it. It showed the spin-up time window and began the test at about 3.8X and ramped up to 8X (which I’d set as the Max). Quality was really sucky, though – as I said, it was an old, tired drive, so no surprises there.

So I’m being forced into believing that the LG drives just won’t do what I need them to do with the [B]NERO DVD_Speed[/B] program. So I think I’ll replace them with something else that are both a good burners and ones that’ll play nice with this program.

Does anyone have any suggestions? (OK, I know – a different thread. Just thought I’d ask.)

Also, does anyone have any thoughts about [B]Plextools [/B]or [B]Kprobe [/B]or [B]InfoProbe[/B]? I’ve only just now become aware of them and haven’t yet looked into them.

Thanks again for your help. I really appreciate your time thoughts.


I would retire the LGs from scanning, but not for your reading needs. LGs on the whole are argueably great readers, not as fast as some but they sure get the job done. If you can’t keep both, I would at least keep one, just for that. If you are looking for a drive that can scan & burn, the consensus is probably going to be LiteON, because you probably can’t get any BenQs anymore, (I know I use Samsungs). I did these, so I might as well post them. Same disc that the LG scanned only this time with the SH-S203B @8X.

This one with the SH-S182D @8X.

I thought I would finish this off, so same disc scanned with Lite-ON DVDRW SHM-165H6S HSOE (Ext) @8X.