Dvd soundless

:confused:hi all been using a fijitsu siemens amilo laptop for just over a year running on xp media version, for work, for listening to music etc etc. recently, for the first time since buying this machine i thought that i’d watch a dvd…unfortunately thats all that i could do as there is no sound whatsoever. still able to listen to my music, tune into radio etc but zilch with all dvd’s. being a complete novice now stuck & frustrated, anybody any ideas please? kevin

Missing ac3 codec maybe? http://www.free-codecs.com/download/AC3_Filter.htm

Which program are you using to watch the movies? I know XP home and Pro versions didn’t come with native ability to watch dvds…you had to use 3rd party software. But I’ve forgotten what all XP Media edition came with.

If nothing else works, you can download and use VLC media player for watching dvds. It is self contained, not relying on outside codecs. It is free to use. http://www.videolan.org/