DVD Sound works only for AVS DVD Player

I have a Dell Dimension 3100/E310 with Windows XP Media edition 1 toshiba DVD/ CD R+W and one generic DVD+RW drive from dell(I think it’s a HITACHI). When i bought this system i was able to play DVD’s with no problem but lately i cannot get the sound to work for DVd’s.

I know there are alot of posts with the same type of problem but most of those are problems with DVD’s that were burned on their PC. I think i have tried every suggestion in the other posts and nothing worked. Even when I download the DVD to an ISO file, using DVD Decrypter it still doesn’t play sound. The weird thing is that it does play sound in “AVS DVD Player” even straight from the drives. I could use that, but I wouldn’t mind being able to use other DVD players.

Players that I tried are:
Windows Media.
Real Player.
Dell Ciname player.

Welcome to this forum of CDFreaks; the first and easiest thing to do for this problem is to restore your system (Windows PC) to a month ago and try to see if the problem gone away and then report back the result to this forum.

Thank you.

Actually, I uninstalled all audio drivers and all decoders and now it’s working fine except on on Windows Media Center where I get a “Decoder not found” message. Its strange, because i always thought that Media Center uses Windows Media Player, but it does play in Media Player. Either way I’m fine with being able to play it in Power DVD.

BTW going back a month in windows causes my MCafee antivirus to act really strange, so I try to avoid doing that as much as possible