DVD sound wierd (voices quiet, music loud)


i have a fujitsu siemens laptop with a dvd/cdrw drive. When i play dvds though for some reason the voices seem very quiet but the music/background noise is fine. Any ideas? i have the volume turned up full but the problem remains. its driving me mad. Does anyone know whhat this could be? i have tried different dvd’s.

thanks pete.

Normal for AC3 5.1 sound.

Adjust/change the audio settings in the dvd player software.

thanks for the reply.

So you mean i sould disable the AC3 sound?

WHY? The OS audio prefs and the dvd player software aswell as the ac3 codec setup should easily let you adjust some prefs.

sorry for being thick.

but i have turned up all the different volume settings up but its still the same. is their a setting i have missed or something? is it the cyberlink settings or xp’s settings?

Don’t know if this will help…here goes… try attaching external speakers and see if hey make a difference after you adjust volume, sound properties, etc… Worth a try. Also chef is right…your soundcard setup should allow for AC3 adjustments. You see, with 5.1 sound coming through just stereo speakers some compensation is made so that all tracks are heard. You’ll have to fiddle the settings a bit more.

In case you have only stereo speakers connected, the AC3 5.1 sound will be downsampled but you can adjust the volume a little whith the codec (ac3) settings.

I know I’m resurrecting an old post but I just had the same issue. What worked for me was:

Sounds and Audio devices > Voice > Advanced > Performance > Set hardware acceleration to None

I hope this helps someone.

I tried everything to get round the same problem (music was fine but voices were a very quiet whisper) and then found that the problem was …

the headphones jack was pushed in too far!!!
I wiggled it and pulled it out 0.5mm and all now works fine!