DVD sound through tv needs to be louder!

I know theres a reason why when I play dvds the sound will only go to a certain level. I don’t know why that is but is there a way to increase it without resorting to an alternate receiver/speaker system?
I have a Phillips tv/Phillips dvd player. The sound cranks when its just the tv but when I play a dvd the sound is dramatically lower. I’m hearing impaired and although I can hear it its aggravating.
I have the audio/video cables connected directly to the tv from the dvd player.

If it’s connected via analog audio, (RCA), then there’s probably a setting in the players menus for how the sound is down-mixed. This will affect the volume. Most players have a setting to decrease the dynamic range of the analog out.

Well I made all the correct adjustments through the audio menu but it still didn’t seem to help but maybe a small bit.

It is just logical that multiochannel audio is quieter than 1 or 2 channel audio!!