DVD Software?

What is all the software I will need to backup, copy, and burn DVD’s? Im new to this DVD thing and this is my first DVD burner so if someone could tell me all the software I will need and what it does that would be great, thanx for all the help.

Follow a Guide :slight_smile:

Well if you didn’t go ahead and look at the guides I can tell you that DVD X Copy Express is the best one for LiteOn burners if you got one. If not though you can use DVDFab, download here, to make a backup image and use InstantCopy, download here, the link is on the right, named try and buy. Use that to burn it onto 1 or more DVDs, depending on how long the movie is and if you want everything or just the movie. That’s everything, you might want to find out what type of DVDs your DVD player used though. Most use DVD-R.

Well I dont have a lite on burner, I have the plextor 8X internal 708 burner. So are you saying that I cant use DVD+r’s? Bc I would rather use DVD+r’s over DVD-r. I would use a PS 2 to play the dvd’s plz give me the heads up on that.

I’m not sure what formats a PS2 can read because I don’t have one, but 86% of all DVD players can read DVD+R, so you have a good chance. As for the DVD X Copy Express, they say it is only recommended that you have a LiteOn because that is all they officially support. You can still try but “you may not have working DVDs and may possibly damage your burner,” at least according to them.

If someone could plz give me the heads up on what DVD+R’s are the best for playing in the PS2, Xbox, and DVD players. I dont want to go out and buy any until I know for sure.

Here is an alternative route. DVDDecrypter, DVDShrink, and a good burning program like Nero. These three work fine for me, and the first two are free.

DVDShrink 3 is a fine transcoder, especially when you use the Deep Analysis mode. If for some reason, Shrink can’t handle a particular dvd, you use DVDDecrypter to rip it to the hard drive, then use Shrink.

www.dvdshrink.com or www.dvdshrink.info for some good tutorials

The best dvd’s are generally from Japan, so look for Made in Japan on the containers. The +R disks made in Singapore are also very good–generally Verbatim Datalife Plus disks.

You can buy Ritek G04 disks online from many different dealers, and they are good disks by all reports.

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www.dvdshrink.com or www.dvdshrink.info for some good tutorials

:eek: :eek: :eek:

Good guides on this site too!!!

Didn’t mean to offend. Haven’t looked for the tutorials here at cdfreaks on DVDShrink since I’ve gotten to know the program fairly well. And its hard to screw up with DVDDecrypter when you’re just using it for ripping.

The action sequences of the tutorial at dvdshrink.info will help an absolute newcomer though, so I recommend it for anyone wanting to learn about the program.

Na, they were “eeks” not rolleyes :slight_smile:

hey kerry can most DVD+R’s be used to play DVD’s in a Sony PS2, or Xbox console? Also what is the best 4X discs that I can buy at local stores that can hit 8X? I have the Plextor 708 burner that can burn at 8X with certain brand 4X DVD+r’s. Thanx for the replies and help.

A friend of mine has a PS2 and the +R disks I’ve burned work just fine in it. They are the Verbatim Datalife disks from Singapore. Pretty expensive locally, at least for me.

Don’t know about 8x though. Only advise I could give you would be buy small quantities and experiment. The Verbatims are generally a good choice, though the ones from Japan and Singapore will be the best. I’ve seen some 4x Maxell’s from Japan that I’d like to try, but don’t know offhand who actually makes them. The new scratch-proof TDK’s might be another good choice for 8x experiments, if they weren’t so blasted expensive.

Hey guys I start using Nero Recode2, and it work beautiful ,just my 2 cents:bigsmile:

hey Kerry56 and anyone else on these forums, what is the best program to shrink ect burn dvds onto dvd media?? What I mean by that is what program will give you the best possible quality to where you cant tell the difference from the original DVD?