DVD Software

Got DVD Shrink, several movies backed up on PC, I now want to copy to DVD.
Any freeware you can recommend!
Heard not so good things about Nero.
Thanks DT

Imgburn, it is great and free.

Second the recommendation for ImgBurn.

Here are some guides to using it: http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showforum=4

By the way, DVDShrink is outdated as a ripping/decryption program for many newer movies. If you run into one that gives you trouble, try DVDFab HD Decrypter, which is the free section of DVDFab. Found here: http://www.dvdfab.com/free.htm
It will continue to function even after the trial for the main part of DVDFab expires. To use it with Shrink, rip the dvd to the hard drive as files, then open the files with Shrink to compress.

WOW! In 1 hour I have done the following. Using Imgburn I 1st used the Create Image file from files\folders and basically copied to disc. 2nd I write files folders to disc and insert in living room DVD and it starts up! I had a error come up about sound lock so I continued.
So far so good… THX