DVD software

I am an amateur for Video frequency producer.mainly using of the tool is DVD software.
Last week I must convert some file formats and burn to DVD in my design work,
I use several DVD Author to do that, but I think not approving of all. At last I download Winx dvd Author, It by high quality, nice interface, high speed has attracted me, I finish my work soon.
Winx dvd Author is the recommendation software for FT Media Soft Company.
This company is engaged in product media software,unified standard, have brought to people the popular and high-powered multi-media product in the nowadays , still have product support and service of product.
In so many software, it is provided with simple got-up flow, built-in conversion technology can being able to the various multi-media file layout be captured directly to DVD form, conversion in batches do not able to accept the limit of video frequency form, and then burn to VCD/DVD CD Rom immediately. Even if the beginners are easy to make DVD Rom containing several sections.
Below are several mainstream DVD software through on www.download.com and comparison to Winx dvd Author to make this evaluation:

Winx dvd Author ImTOO DVD Creator WinAVI Video Convertr
size 6.88M 5.99M 3.64M
CPU 80%—98% 90%–99% 85%–95%

Convert speed(same AVI file)
3minute 31 secs. not convert more big AVI file 22 minute 14 secs