DVD Software

I’ve worked out how to convert and burn dvds, using VSOdivxtodvd, but was wandering what people use to create menus for there dvds.
Can these menus be made with the software I’m using, I also have dvd santa if this is any good.

Many thanks

If you “convert DVDs” you wouldn’t need to create extra menus.

You need an real authoring program to create extra menus, like with dvdauthor + gui.

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If you want a program that converts .avi and .mpg to dvd files to burn (I assume thats what you mean when you say “convert and burn dvds”) then use Nero 7 ultra edition.
Nero Vision (Nero Express as well) allow you to convert your files to DVD files (vob) and create menus for the dvds as well. It has all the options you will ever need to make any menus you want for your dvds.