Dvd software wont regonise my Pioneer 105

Nero or Alcohol wont recognise my Pioneer 105 as a burner yet alcohol recognises it as a reader. Nero just sees my Plextor.
Any ideas?

Are you positive it is a Pioneer 105? Because if seems odd that windows is recognising it as Toshiba if it really is a 105.

Could it be ASPI? Also, what does your device manager see it as in control panel. What’s your O/S? Try aida32, its similar to sandra and see what it reports:
its free, sandra isn’t
Please provide us with more info such as: aspi layer version, O/S, Service packs, do any of these drives have the brand name written, or do they look generic?

Does the Pioneer drive show up under device manager or simply as one of the drives in My computer? If so, you’re probably using old versions of Nero and Alcohol. See if upgrading both software help.

Or it could be wrong jumpers on the drives. How many HD/CD drives do you have in your system and how are they setup position and jumper wise? Assuming you have only 1 HD, set it as master and put it on IDE1, then set the Plextor as master and put it on IDE2, follow by the Pioneer as slave on IDE2.