DVD Software Reload Problem

Had to clean slate reload my Win XP OS a while back on my Dell PC and ever since I have not been able to get my CyberLink Power DVD v4.0 to run. DVD software loaded OK however when I place a DVD in my top DVD drive, the program is I believe trying to read from the CD-ROM D:drive and not the top DVD E:drive where it should. I selected “Configuration” on the Power DVD skin panel in an effort to redirect the software but the software then disappears. I did a directory check of my E: DVD drive and the drive seems to be reading the files in the DVD drive OK. Help! Any suggestions of how to get the Power DVD software to read from the DVD drive? Did I fail to install a proper driver when reloading my software? As a sidebar, both my D and E drives play standard CD’s just fine.
Would greatly appreciate advice from those more computer literate than I.