DVD software player incompatibility with Ripped DVD files

I’m using newest version 5020…and in at least one situation, my Windows DVD Player (Intervideo WinDVD 8) is unable to play the ripped video files–for example, when i ripped a copy of “THE BACKYARDIGANS - MOVERS AND SHAKERS” DVD to my hard drive, and then tried to use Intervideo WinDVD 8 to play the ripped files, I keep getting an error message which states “This Player is Incompatible with region marking of this disc”. Other players (e.g,. Nero Showtime) display similar error messages.

I’ve tried enabling/disabling the “Remove RC” option (in program options->protection)…but still same results…

Strange thing is that the error seems only to be a problem with Episode-type DVDs (e.g, Dora, Backyardigans)…but not with rips of movies (e.g., Ratatoulli, Nemo, etc)…

Any help/suggestions?

it is unlikely that dvdfab is the cause. can you view same episodes using the original dvds in your dvd drive with windvd8 ?
maybe some of the disc titles are for use in other regions , or maybe it’s your windvd settings that need checking.

AFAIK, fab removes all region code protection from all ripped dvds, if the right boxes are ticked.

Thanks for the reply…i went into Region settings of WinDVD8 and saw that Region was set to China…when I set region to USA, I was able to play episodes!! Thanks.

One question though, it appears DVDFab removes RC (Region) code even though i uncheck the “Remove RC” box under the options menu…for example, when i insert the original disc, even with the “Remove RC” box unchecked, the disc info (under options) shows:

RC (Region Code) protection is removed!
RCE (Region Code Enhancement) protection is not found.

not sure why this is…

You might want to give VLC media player a try. It does not rely on outside codecs. I’ve been using it for years and so far, it plays anything I throw at it. It’s free…there’s link in my sig…:wink:

Thanks for the advice. For some reason I get audio jitter problems when using many different types of DVD playback software on my HP DV1000 notebook…including VLC…have you ever experienced that?
It may simply be caused by too much strain on my processor…I’ve found that WinDVD has the best playback…