DVD software not working anymore

Well i went and bought myself a nice new NEC 4450 in black so it’d match my case, and it does, lovely it looks too. I put it into my computer and checked it worked, watched a DVD using powerDVD and then ripped and burnt a DVD using Shrink and Decrypter. Worked like a dream…

So of course i installed liggy and dee’s firmware on it, continued to work like a dream (except with bitsetting! :D)

However it’s stopped playing DVDs now, pressed or burnt it’s no difference, it comes up with an error saying “format not supported”.

The discs are fine when i use them in my other machine with a NEC 3540 or on a standalone DVD player. More confusing still is that i can still rip and burn DVDs without a problem in the world using shrink and i can watch the preview :confused:

I have installed a soundblaster 2 ex in the machine, but that’s the only change i made to it to get this, and i’d prefer not to have to take away my sound card :frowning:


Sounds like too many devices sharing too few resources! try your sound card in another slot!


Take the sound card out of the machine and try again. If it works ok then there is a conflict with your system.
If no change then the sound card may be ok and the problem could be caused by something else…

I can understand that much, but why on earth would just switching PCI slots make any difference? Also the comment “Sounds like too many devices sharing too few resources!” is just flat out nonsensical.

powerdvd may well be having trouble recognizing your new aka reflashed drive. Did powerdvd come as a freebie with the oem?

It’s not just power DVD, tried the DVD with media player too. It’s not an OEM copy and it did work with the reflashed drive before i put the card in. There was 4 days between those alterations so i’m pretty sure it’s not the firmware.

Ok, i pulled the Sound card and rebooted, so the drive disapeared. I rebooted again and it now works. I’m off to bed but i’ll try putting the card into another PCI slot tomorrow and see if it does the same thing. I don’t want to use a different PCI slot as i’ve got an A8N32 board and it’d obstruct airflow to my NV silencer.

Guess i’ll have to have a look at creative’s website for a fix for this.

Trust me! Try another slot!
Those of us who have bulit boxes have had this problem all the time!
Slots share resources with other hardware on you box/sometimes/maybe/every odd thurs on the 13 month! LOL
Every mobo and system is different so just try it! Its free help! What more do you want! eh!

Best advice so far!

Well! How many slots do you have filled? And how much hardware do you have installed on that box?
I installed a USB combo PCI card and it hosed my system and used all the remaining device resources including the shared ones!

Lol :slight_smile:
Soundblaster disk detective or media centre.

Uninstall the Soundblaster programs & just install the bare essentials (aka, the drivers, and maybe the environmental effects configurator).

I’d be interested in any way you could get a working computer that wasn’t built at some point? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, thanks for the suggestions here’s the update:

I’ve tried plugging it into the other PCI slot availible on my motherboard, it raised my GPU temp 4 degrees at idle and other than that did nothing.

Setup details:
4400X2`@2.52 (Speed is irrelevant, tired it at stock, no change (NC).
7800GT with NV silencer (why i’ve got no room on the motherboard)
Raptor 74
NEC 4450
Creative 2 platinum ex sound card.
P180 (other reason there isn’t all that much room to play in)

That’s it. The sound card is currently in the lowest slot to give room for the graphics card, temps are well within tolerance.

I’ve only got the basic software installed atm. Drivers and one program to setup speakers/headphones and output. I’ll try removing all the drivers and trying it with the card installed but no drivers loaded, then after loading the latest drivers from the web.

Hmm … liggy & Dee’s firmware is RPC1?
Windows/PowerDVD might be crapping itself over the drive region.

Try the Auto-Resetting firmware instead. It’s RPC2 compliant, except it auto resets after 5 changes :wink:

Or use ANYDVD :wink:

Any luck yet?
Have you tried the comp minus the sound card?