DVD software for PC that follows the standard spec?



I want to test my DVD project to see how it would act in any standard player.

Are there any DVD playing programs for PC that strictly follow the DVD standard specification?

As in contrast to players like WMP or VLC which obviously do lots of tricks and workarounds outside the rules of the standard DVD spec, such as overriding navigation restrictions, allowing access to any title/chapter in ways that mess up the desired end-actions of different playpaths. VLC can’t even display button selection/highlighting correctly.

In short, im looking for a program designed to test DVDs on PC to see how they would behave on players that follow the standard spec.


Burn to a R/W and try a standalone player?


[QUOTE=olyteddy;2173693]Burn to a R/W and try a standalone player?[/QUOTE]

:iagree: good idea :slight_smile:


[B]Olyttedy[/B] has a good idea, but if you want to get software player which closely resembles stand alone, than Power DVD will do.
I use that for testing.
But none of them are 100% DVD standard, this one is as close as it gets.
Mind you that final play will depend on your player and disc you use to be compatible with it.
But to check buttons and other DVD structure Power DVD will do.