DVD Software for DiscQuality most reliable?



Im using 3 softwares to test my burns. All in the same drive : Sony 7260. The results aren’t similar…

It just use PIF Max to set the Quality Score…PIE Maxium went 402 and the Score went 95…Reading the other topic, the max PIE Max must be 280…then, is it a fake Quality Score ?


It use both PIE and PIF to set the Quality Score. I dont know if PIE is so important how PIF, but the Quality Score of same DVD is 69%:

It ALWAYS give me a better result of the scan. I really, really, want believe in this software, because my burns are always ok. Look the result, same Disc, same Drive,…

Finally, my question is: What the most reliable software to test “burns” ?


Opti Drive 1.70 no doubt.:slight_smile:


For this drive, in this scenario, ODC is reporting the same data as the other two programs. Mostly.

The PIF graph shown in ODC represents the number of errors found in 1 ECC block, while the other two applications reflect the number of errors found in 8 ECC blocks. This means you’ll see the graph in ODC be similar to the other graphs, just scaled back.

So where you think the ODC scan is best, it is the same data.

As for PIE (yes, all that above was only about the PIF!): you’ll see that the overall data is very similar. It’s not exactly the same, but it is very similar. That’s because PIE is always reported from this drive based on the number of errors found in…8 error correction blocks, I think.

(For one of the many old threads on this topic, see here: http://club.myce.com/f86/changing-scanning-interval-163287/ ).

Overall, no one program is more right or wrong than another in this case. You just have to settle on knowing when a disc looks good and a disc looks bad, for each application, so long as you’re using the same drive at the same speed and you know the drive generally produces consistent results at whatever speed you settle on.

But here, we’ve settled on option Drive Control in recent years, though many folks (myself included) still use the older CD-DVD Speed/DiscSpeed, since we’re used to the graphs and it is generally fine for CD and DVD scanning.