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With several recorded DVD-RWs to edit and then transfer to DVD-Rs what is the best software to copy/rip DVD-RW to hard drive, edit then finally burn to DVD-R. A simple program to edit out a few bits and then copy them to the DVD-R is all that is needed.

What is the difference (if any) between a software editor, such as Roxio purchased from PC World and that which is downloaded from the internet. There are software editing programs available on ebay for £5. Are they any good? Very naive questions but an absolute beginner.

Thanks for your help.

One possible way is to use DVD Shrink’s Re-author mode.

Have a look at this guides:

Copying DVD-RW’s to the hard drive is a simple task, since they are not encrypted. You can just do a copy and paste to a folder on the hard drive. Any dvd ripping program will also work, like DVDDecrypter or DVDFab HD Decrypter.

Once there you can edit. What format is your video in now? If they are avi files, you could use AviDemux for simple cuts. It is free to use. If your videos are now in dvd-video format, I’d use a program designed specifically for cutting mpeg2 found in dvd-video. Womble Mpeg Video Wizard DVD and VideoReDo TV Suite are two good ones. Neither are free, but there are fully functional trials you can download and see if they meet your needs.

Feeling totally flustered after hours of this.

I really need someone to take me through this step by step.

1st - Is it possible to use Windows Movie Maker to edit? It seems to say it does, however question two.

2nd - As set out above and previous posts, I did a copy and paste of one of the Video-TS folder titles from the DVD to My Documents but when I returned to Windows Movie Maker to import an error message No Items Match your search kept appearing.

3rd- Is this where I need to compress the file in a seperate programme to import it into the WMM and finally edit?

If you are using Windows Movie Maker in XP, here is a list of supported file formats you can use as input: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/308464

You’ll notice that .vob files found in dvd-video is not on that list. You can remove the video from the .vob files and make a single mpeg2 file with Vob2Mpg. It will not degrade the quality of the video in this step. WMM should be able to import that mpeg2 file.

Unfortunately, even if you edit in WMM, you won’t produce a finished dvd. The export options for WMM are DV avi or .wmv files. You can import the resulting .wmv file into DVDFlick or AVStoDVD to make a finished dvd, but reencoding the video twice is NOT a good path for working with video. You will degrade the quality with each step.

I strongly advise using a tool designed for dvd-video if you plan on editing that format.

What tool would that be. Roxio perhaps?

Tools for working with mpeg2 include the two programs I mentioned earlier, Womble Mpeg Video Wizard DVD and VideoRedo TV Suite. More general purpose video editors that you can use would be something like Adobe Premiere Elements or Sony Vegas Movie Studio.

You need to take advantage of the trials of these programs to see if they will work for you easily.

If you have problems importing the dvds directly, remember the tool I mentioned, Vob2Mpg. It is free, works very well and will produce a mpeg2 file from dvd-video without compromising video quality.