Dvd software doesn't play

i have tried virtually all dvd softwares with my newly acquired liteon 166s dvd drive and none works. it is a region 1 disc, the italian job, and says macrovision copy protected on the back cover. i have since tried a couple of all region discs and they work fine. it is very frustrating because it is my first ever dvd rom drive. i have disabled the region coding of my drive using ltnprc and, for dvd softwares, dvd genie. the disc is borrowed from my friend and i don’t think it is a genuine copy, does it matter? however the disc plays fine in my home theater system. one more thing, when i tried to do a prc check using dvd genie, i got an error message that says “to check your drives prc you must have wnaspi32.dll in your system directory (C:\WINDOWS\System32)”. any thoughts?

Have you tried other DVD’s with success? Or is the first one you’ve tried in the drive?
Try AnyDVD. They have a 21 day trial period :iagree:

Although I think it is againt the law to borrow a backed up DVD…