DVD skips every 2 seconds

hi everyone, i’m playing my 4x TDK DVD+R on my PS2 and it skips every 2 seconds (the audio and video). does anyone know why it is doing this and what i can do to solve this problem? thank you.

Update: The DVD works fine in my home DVD player, but still no luck with my PS2. Any suggestions on how to make it work using the PS2, maybe configurations, etc?

When I have backed up PS2 games I have had to change the Book Type on DVD+R to DVD-ROM. Perhaps the PS2 doesn’t like movies on +Rs either.

You could try different media - like Verbatim 16x - either DVD-R or DVD+R. I have best luck with DVD-R in my playstation 2.

thank you both very much for the suggestions. i think i will try dvd-r’s. thanks for the help.