DVD skipping

Today I tried playing a few DVD’s in my Sony DVD-ROM DDU1611. Everything seemed fine until the DVD kept skipping periodically every 20 or so seconds (the skipping lasting between 1-5 seconds). I was using WinDVD at the time, but then tried playing in Windows Media player as well as cleaning the DVD itself, but it was hopeless. The lag was still there. This annoyed me so much that I started bashing the case of my computer. Any ideas?

What kind of dvd’s are you playing. Pressed or burned. What are your system specs…

Okay, this may be the reason… they’re from the video shop, but have no apparent scratches. Although this has happened before with various DVD’s, just not to this extent.

One thing that can cause that is a slower system if you have too much running but based on your system specs (is this dvd-rom in the computer listed in your sig)? If it’s that computer, obviouslly it is fast enough. If it is happening with diffrent programs, I would think that either the drive or the disks would be suspect. Is this a new drive or have you had it for a while? Has it played dvd’s fine in the past? Does it play some dvd’s just fine? A little more info might be helpfull.

I’ve had my computer for about 2 years now, and DVD’s have been running fine with the odd exception. I really don’t care about a random skip, but the consistent pauses that last 10-20 seconds really get to you.

Maybe my computer is just full of dust. Is there a way that I can clean my DVD-Rom?

Most consider blowing it out with canned air plenty safe. Open the drawer and blow around (you may have dust on the laser lens). They make disks with brushes for cleaning the laser lens that are only a few dollars but some people think that they can cause damage so I’ll leave it up to you if you want to try that. You could take the drive out and try blowing canned air in all the cracks or you could even take off the cover of the drive and carfully blow it out with canned air but again, I’ll leave that up to you as to weather you are comfortable doing that.
One thing I have noticed is that with rental disks, they may look like they are in good shape and may still have hard to see damage that makes them not want to play. If you have any of your own disks that are in good shape and they play fine, I would suspect that it might just be some of the disks (rental disks can be pretty problamatic for dvd drives sometimes). It might be worth waiting to see if it is just a few disks or if the problem continues.
Another thing that you could try if you suspect it might be the disks is this stuff
You can find it at most motercycle shops. You just spray it on and wipe it off. I have found that it has helped with many reading problems with rented disks.