DVD skipping on playback

I’ll try to make this brief. I just replaced my DVD burner on my computer because it quit recognizing certain cd-r’s when trying to burn discs. I replaced it with a Lite-On 20x DVD+/-R DVD burner, model DH-20A4P-04. I am using a borrowed Sony DVD camcorder. The mini DVD’s are playing back fine on my 2 DVD players that I have hooked up to TV’s. But the copies that I am burning on my computer through Roxio Creator Plus Dell Edition are skipping, hesitating and giving me sporatic black screens when I play them back. I put the orig. mini DVD in and it plays fine. The wierd thing is I have remade a few copies and it may mess up on one of my players but plays fine on the other, or it may mess up on both. It is not consistent messing up. Does anyone have any insight as to what might be happening? Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

DVD skipping is usually related to poor media. Try some Verbatim 16x and see if this helps.

Just to add to the solid advice from Kerry
set the write speed to half the rated speed of the blank media,…using 16x set at 8x