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Hi All,

Am new to this so bare with me, Huh.

I’m using a Compaq Presario V3000 Laptop, with XP (service pack 3), the DVD drive is a HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-T10N (not sure if that helps). We’ve just got the Laptop back from a shop as it stopped working, the guy said it was viruses and gave us some great new antivirus software. We’ve only had it back 2 days and its our only source of movie/music/internet.

Anyway suddenly overnight any DVD’s (original and copied) that we play using the drive skips and the audio stutters.
I’ve checked the drivers are up to date, they are.
It doesn’t skip or stutter with movies from the hard drive and it doesn’t skip with audio either. I havn’t been able to try audio disks as we don’t have any (travelling at the mo). I’m using Cyberlink DVD suite and Window’s Media, its much worse in Media player than in Cyberlink.
I’ve checked on the device manager/IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers (have been looking at some other forums) but I seem to have 2 Primary IDE channels (one show DMA if available in the Transfer mode and Ultra DMA mode 5 in the current transfer mode for both device 0 & 1. The other reads DMA if available in the transfer mode and P10 mode for the current transfer mode for device 0 and for device 1 reads DMA if available for the Transfer mode and Not Applicable for the Current transfer mode) the Secondary IDE Channel read (for both device 0&1 ) Transfer mode: DMA if available and for Current Transfer Mode: Not applicable.
I’m going out today to get a DVD cleaner (sounds too simple but I thought I’d better try it all the same.

Other than that I’m kinda at a lost end. I read through some other threads on the net but they just went right over my head.


(hope I’ve not forgotten to add anything important.)


Try playing with VLC or MediaPlayerClassic…


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PIO Mode is probably what’s doing it.

See the link in my signature (“How to check/enable DMA”), and follow the instructions there.

If those don’t work, there’s also a link to a file in the same post called “resetdma.vbs” - download and run that, and it should reset the channel that’s in PIO Mode to UDMA Mode (then ask for a reboot).

Hope that helps. :slight_smile: